New Therapy Alternative to Digestive Health

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by Donna Talarico, Weekender Correspondent

Karen McConnell has a unique office.

McConnell’s Honesdale workspace contains elements of a spa -relaxing music, the tranquil scent of lavender- and a clinic -high tech equipment, latex gloves. The softly lit, orange-colored room is a place where a somewhat invasive procedure takes place, but also one that is calming and beneficial.

McConnell is an I-ACT (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy) colon hyrdotherapist.

“I’m really passionate about spreading the word about caring for your body internally. I am meant to be here doing this kind of work. It took me to get sick to find it,” says McConnell, who’s own declining health is what sparked her interest in the field. “We are so built up with toxins, colon hydrotherapy helps increase energy and improve overall health just to name a few benefits. ”

The colon is the septic system for the body; the place where waste and toxins are stored. A healthy colon needs to get cleaned periodically to efficiently produce vitamins B and K and absorb water.

Colon hydrotherapy, as described on the I-ACT website, is the method of removing waste from the large intestine by pumping warm, filtered water into the colon, which in turn softens, loosens and removes waste. The thought of such a procedure initially may keep some away, but such apprehension is perhaps why colon health is often ignored. According to I-ACT, colon cancer is the second highest cancer-related killer in the United States. More than 70-million Americans suffer from bowel problems and consequently spend $400-million annually on laxatives.

Weekender Correspondent Donna Talarico received three colon hydrotherapy treatments at Natural Heath, Inc. with Karen McConnell, above.

It eased my own nerves knowing that Hollywood’s most glamorous celebrities are lining up to have this procedure done. If Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro can have colon hydrotherapy done, so can I.

Session 1: Sunday

I couldn’t eat or drink for two hours before the procedure. On the way to McConnell’s office, I was very nervous. Very.

We met McConnell in her downtown Honesdale office. Rejuvenate Colon & Massage Center, where I filled out paperwork. McConnell then took us (my boyfriend came along for moral support) upstairs to her office, which looks more like a spa. I went to the extremely sterile restroom, disrobed from the waist down and put on a gown I then returned to the room to lie on a table, underneath a blanket. McConnell explained how to insert the speculum (you do this yourself), which is what I was most afraid of. Before placing the device where it needs to go, McConnell relaxed me by rubbing lavender on her hands, holding them on both sides of my face and told me to breathe. ‘This helps you take it easy. “We are so built up with toxins, colon hydrotherapy helps increase energy and improve overall health.”

(Colon hydrotherapy) can be taxing on the nervous system,” she said. Once I was ready, I rolled onto one side to insert the lubricated speculum. Once it was in, McConnell secured it and had me lay down with one leg raised. Surprisingly, I was comfortable. The speculum contains two small tubes, one for clean water to flow in, and one for waste to flow out. The tubes are attached to a control panel on the wall, which has a lighted window to display the waste tube. At first this embarrassed me, but how else would I know if it was working?

First, McConnell let the water flow in and out so I would feel comfortable with the temperature (92 degrees). At this point, McConnell warned that some gas bubbles may come out, but that all sounds and odors are contained in the tube. And in this particular instance, having a lot of gas is a good thing.

When I felt comfortable with the flow of water, McConnell gave me my first “fill,” which allows water to empty into the colon for six seconds. The more water you can take in the better your results will be, as it flows into the colon and then into the large intestine. The large intestine is a curved organ and waste is more likely to stick there. Many people cannot take a big fill their first time and cannot reach those curves, therefore McConnell and I-ACT recommend initial three sessions within a few weeks.

After I had my second fill, McConnell let it soak for a while and then emptied the water. During my third small fill, she gave me an abdominal massage with the lavender to help remove any waste that may be caught up. This was fantastic!

After my first session was complete, McConnell removed the speculum, which was a little painful, but quick. Afterward I did not feel sore one bit. As a matter of fact, I felt pretty good.

Session 2: Monday

My second session was much easier than the first. I was very comfortable with the procedure and with McConnell, although the speculum was still a little scary.

This time I’m happy to say that after two fills, I saw “results.” The following day, I felt great- hydrated and refreshed. The next few days -I’ll spare the details-1 continued to see results; things that were stuck on my intestinal walls were still being flushed out days later.

Session 3: Wednesday

By this point, I was a pro. I took some big fills this time. (I had learned to breath deeper for this.) Blame it on that voyeuristic side of humans, but I wanted to see a lot “results.” And, I did!

It’s now a week after the procedure and my digestive health is improving, proven by the fact that I go to the bathroom two to three times a day instead of two to three times a week- which meant things were backed up. To follow up, I will probably have a session with McConnell every four to six weeks.

McConnell says that her clients, including me, continue to look and feel much healthier once they have colon hydrotherapy. “A lot have bowel issues and already see better bowel movements. Some people do not feel heartburn or indigestion. After three sessions, skin. can even improve. You are getting hydrated from the inside.”

Although colon hydrotherapy cannot be billed as a weight loss alternative, I personally feel like my tummy is flatter. I guess it makes sense; the more full our intestines are, the bigger the bulge may be.

But perhaps the best results come from within. Just ask McConnell “I’m 35 and feel like a million bucks!”

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